Common Mistakes When Doing Kitchen Renovations

When planning home renovations, the kitchen is often the first room to be renovated. Although an upgraded kitchen generally improves the value of your house, it is also a large factor of flow, appearance and feel of the home. However, this type of project can become hindered, stressful, and even a bit complicated when the following mistakes are made:

  1. Not structuring a detailed budget.

Having a budget and sticking to it is essential to a successful project. Set an amount you are comfortable with paying, decide what your “must haves” and “nice-to-haves” are and plan accordingly. An ongoing mistake I see first time renovators make is going off assumptions with their cognitive bias’s. They usually underestimate the cost of materials, appliances, etc.

  1. Making Purchases Without First Talking to Your Contractor.

Often, your contractor can leverage deals at many stores. If you see something you like, make a note, grab the model number, and discuss with your contractor. Chances are, he/she will be able to get you a better deal and save you money. In addition, you may disrupt the work flow by adding items in without first talking to the contractor. For example, if the cupboards are already in and you decide you want a larger appliance, the cupboards may need to be re-done to fit in the appliance. Communication with the contractor is essential.

  1. Forgetting About Storage.

Having ample storage in the kitchen is essential to the functionality of the room. If it is a small space, ask your contractor to come up with some creative storage ideas so you can make the most of your kitchen. As a contractor we want to make out renovations as seamless as possible. It’s difficult to maneuver around the room when there’s no space.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Appliances

It’s no news that appliances are expensive. However, cheap appliances commonly break down quicker and often take away from the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Ask your contractor for suggestions on appliances within your budget that will enhance the room.

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